The Session, our church’s governing body, is made up of numerous elders, each of whom are responsible for sitting as chair of one of the committees listed below.
Building & Grounds Committee
The Buildings & Grounds Committee maintains our facilities and makes improvements that compliment the programs and further
our ministries in the name of Jesus Christ.
  Bruce DeVoe - Committee Chair
Beth Lewis
Bob Weyant

Mission & Evangelism Committee
The Mission & Evangelism Committee reaches out to oversee the spiritual needs of present and potential members in a variety of ways and to declare the name of the Lord to those who do not know Him.
Jean Fairbairn - Committee Chair

Fellowship Committee
The Fellowship Committee gets its direction from the third part of the Conklin Presbyterian Church’s mission statement “To develop a community where the love of Jesus Christ is made real.” Their activities include post-service coffee hours, fellowship-based dinners and events, funeral meals, etc.
Carol Bell - Liason

Nurture Committee
The Nurture Committee exists to educate and nurture all of God’s children, young and old, about the word of God and the expression of His love for us through the life of Jesus Christ. The committee works to do this through Christian Education activities by recruiting and supporting Sunday School teachers and organizing Vacation Bible School, Youth Sunday, Communion Education, Teacher Appreciation Breakfast, and through the establishment, development, and continuation of youth programs.
  Joe Toman - Committee Chair
Doug Moore

Personnel/Nominations Committee
The Personnel Committee provides for an orderly, focused and considerate means for the session to build a healthy work environment. Their activities include preparation and maintenance of job descriptions, compensation packages, etc., as well as acting as a support group to the pastor and other members of church staff.
  Sherry Brown - Committee Chair
Beth Lewis
Joanne Palmer

Stewardship Committee
The Stewardship Committee prepares the church’s budget each year with requests from each committee. They also track the church’s expenditures, review monthly/annual financial reports, make investment decisions, and distribute the investment income.
  Jack Bell - Committee Chair

Worship/Music Committee
The Worship Committee’s overall responsibility is to coordinate pastoral, musical, and lay leadership to provide vital, ongoing congregational worship experiences through weekly and special services.
  Carol Bell - Committee Chair

  Pam Van Vorce - Clerk of Session
  Dot Brown - Assistant Clerk of Session
The Board of Deacons, elected by the congregation, is given the responsibility to see that those most in need of care receive it. Their name is derived from the Biblical word for “servant,” and so they serve the homebound, hospitalized, those in crisis, or any person or family who has a special need.
Jackie Guillon (Chair) Karla Toman (Secretary), Carol Bell, Betty Anderson, Debbie Norman, Reenie Dedrick, John Colley, Ralph Fuller, Marge Jacobs, Jacky DeVoe, Nancy Little, Bev Emmett, Cecilia Zwart


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